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coolskyn plus bakeryWorkers with demanding and physical roles need clothes and fabrics inherently equipped to regulate body climate and break boundaries when the heat is on. The ultimate workhorse, Coolskyn+ delivers, keeping the workforce cool & smelling fresh when hygiene is paramount and a crisp, professional image essential.

As a high performance antimicrobial, 100% wicking polyester fabric Coolskyn+ wicks sweat away from the skin to keep workers dry, cool and comfortable. When silver ions are added to Skyns technology, bacterial growth is tackled at source, preventing uniforms from developing nasty odours and ageing prematurely. Exertion and hard work should be rewarded but the associated odours are an unnecessary distraction. Obliterate them with Coolskyn+.

Science not to be sniffed at
Bacteria grow when it’s warm and wet, so positively thrive in sweaty work clothes. If left, they can rapidly multiply to levels that cause a pungent smell and a potential health hazard. Coolskyn+ wicks the sweat away from the skin to the fabric surface where it evaporates. Meanwhile the embedded silver ions with their antibacterial effect get to work. On contact with perspiration, they’re released from within the Coolskyn+ fabric, suppress the bacterial growth responsible for bad smells and provide 99.9% protection against major health hazardous micro-organisms.

A natural team player
Coolskyn+ protects against the spread of hazardous bacteria including, Staphylococcus Aureus (responsible for body odour), without attacking bacteria which have a positive effect on the skin. Coolskyn+ does not affect the skin’s natural pH balance.

Dress for the challenge!
Coolskyn+ is available in a wide range of standard and bespoke applications. Fast turnarounds, high quality product and exceptional service levels are delivered alongside an extensive choice of size and colour designed to surpass expectation and ensure reward. Demand more from your budget.

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